The top trends from the runway at Toronto’s fall fashion week

This past weekend, Toronto’s Black Creek Assembly was home to some of the top fashion designers from across the country for Fashion Art Toronto‘s fall fashion week. And to guide your fashion choices this season, there’s nowhere better to look than straight to the runway! The city’s fashion week was full of new and enduring trends that you can bring with you into 2024. Here are five trends you’ll want to incorporate into your closet!

Bring the drama with puffed sleeves

L-R: Michnat Fashion House, Tristan Rébel, Macel (left, middle: Courtesy @cosplay right: Courtesy @photogeneeq)

At fashion week, it was all about the dramatic sleeves — specifically, puffed! A few designers took it to the next level with puffed sleeves made from more structured fabrics, like this top from Michnat Fashion House. But the message was clear — if you’re going to wear a sleeve this season, make it one with volume! Puffed sleeves are great for layering under vests and dresses for a bit more shape — upgrade your turtleneck for a puffed sleeve one or grab a custom collared puffed sleeve shirt from Toronto’s own Bruised Peach Shop to elevate your style.

Major metallic moments

L-R: House of Hendo, Fungitto, Solouk (Left: Courtesy @photogeneeq, middle and right: Courtesy @cosplay)

What can we say – metallic is the new neutral! The runway showed us that while metallics are often incorporated in futuristic styles and shapes, they don’t have to be — this draped, sheer dress from House of Hendo is ’90s-inspired and oh-so-pretty. Use your metallic tones the way you would a neutral or a white shade: pair with black and red accents to get in on the season’s favourite pop of colour trend, or choose a metallic shoe that adds a bit of bling to a basic look.


L-R: TMU Creative School, Mayer, Nary Aref (Courtesy @cosplay)

If only our ancestors from the 1800s could see us now! It seems this season is all about structure, and these corsets are no exception. While most designers left the corset to be the star of the show, this wardrobe piece really shines when it comes to layering. Try an underbust or belt corset for a belt effect with more style, or go for a full corset and try it on top of that aforementioned puffed sleeve blouse for that period drama effect.

Back to business with structured blazers

L-R: Mr. Haque, Nazia Rahman, La Nouvelle Rouge (Left and middle: Courtesy @cosplay, Right: Courtesy @photogeneeq)

Business attire ruled the runway, and nowhere was that more clear than the emphasis on blazers with structure. Gone are the oversized, loose-fitting, borrowed-from-my-dad’s-closet blazers (well, not exactly — the cool factor of an oversized blazer really can’t be beat). Instead, designer went for eye-catching shoulders that take shoulder pads to the next level, like this Nazia Rahman creation, or more fitted iterations that incorporate structure into collars, buttons or cropped sleeves. To avoid looking too business-casual with your own structured blazer, make sure the fit is right — nothing’s better than a blazer that hugs the body properly. If you’re not about that body con style, go for a looser fit that incorporates structure in the design, whether that’s shoulder pads or stiff fabrication that creates shape on its own.

All tied up in bows, ties and belts

L-R: Macel, Koh Montreal, Purple Hearts Supply (Left: Courtesy @photogeneeq, middle and right: Courtesy @cosplay)

It’s accessories time, and three in particular stood out — bows, belts and ties. Belts are certainly having a moment this season, with designers even trying belts as tops, belts as skirts or layering belts for maximum impact. Bows and ties are both enduring fashion trends from earlier seasons in Toronto, but if this runway is any indication, this season it’s all about leaning into the fun of these pieces. Try funky or oversized bows and ties and use them places where people might not expect — bows are great tied into your hair but they also look great as a necktie, on the sides of your skirt or pants and on socks. Ties can become hair accessories, belts and maybe even skirts! As for belts, this season, don’t restrict yourself to their functional form — sling one around your waist and don’t tighten it (like a necklace for your waist!), fasten a bunch around your top like a DIY corset or turn necklaces into belts for a bit of dazzle.