The top trends from the runway at Toronto’s fall fashion week

This past weekend, Toronto’s Parkdale Hall was home to some of the top fashion designers from across the country for Fashion Art Toronto‘s fall fashion week. And to guide your fashion choices this season, there’s nowhere better to look than straight to the runway! The city’s fashion week was full of new and enduring trends that you can bring with you into 2023. Here are five trends you’ll want to incorporate into your closet!

Bold patterns

Left: Lesley Hampton, photo courtesy @jennjevons Middle: House of Étoile, photo courtesy @cosplay Right: Kohmontreal, photo courtesy @cosplay

Patterns were all over the runway this weekend, and we’re not talking plaid and polka dots. Designers incorporated bold colours and prints into pretty much every article of clothing, from jackets to dresses to shorts and even hats. Be inspired by Toronto’s high fashion to pull out that patterned sweater you’ve been too scared to wear this season – pair it with another pattern to really emulate the fashion experts, or dress it down with a neutral black or denim pant to make it more comfortable.

Sheer everything

Left: Hendrixroe Middle: Lesley Hampton Right: Lubica, photos courtesy @jennjevons

It turns out sheer styles don’t just belong at the club or on the figure skating rink! Sheer has come back in a big way, and nowhere was that more clear than Toronto’s fashion week. Anything can be sheer according to Canada’s top designers – skirts, tops, jumpsuits, even a hot pink matching men’s set courtesy of Hendrixroe! This trend can be a tough one to brave, but take your cues from the run way and try layering your next sheer find with contrasting materials or textures to make the look not only more weather appropriate, but even more of a fashion statement.

Mini skirts

Left: Fashion Kills, photo courtesy @gloriacaballero Middle: Safe Creatives, photo courtesy @gloriacaballero Right: Katerina Sfaelos, photo courtesy @cosplay

Minis or maxis? It’s hard to choose, but it looks like Toronto’s fashion week might have made their choice. Mini skirts were prominent all over the runway, but don’t fret – not all were styled with even more cropped tops. Try a mini skirt with an oversized sweater or blazer for contrast and comfort. With the winter weather approaching, don’t worry: you’ve got around four months to figure this trend out.

Subversive preppy

Left: Shaghayegh Tafreshi Middle: Maison Eftya Right” House of Étoile, photos courtesy @cosplay
Left: Hendrixroe, photo courtesy @jennjevons, Middle: Fashion Kills, photo courtesy @gloriacaballero, Right: Unlike, photo courtesy @gloriacaballero

We all know preppy style, but according to the runway, the age-old trend of ties, collared shirts, loafers and more needs a refresh. Canadian designers brought their best preppy looks to the city, but all received a bit of an upgrade. If you go preppy this season, make it subversive – swap out a tailored suit for an oversized one, a tie for a printed scarf or go for a cut-out version of a collared shirt rather than a basic one.

Voluminous silhouettes

Left: Shaghayegh Tafreshi Middle: Maison Eftya Right” House of Étoile, photos courtesy @cosplay

Volume is in (and we’re praying it never goes out of style!). Big sleeves, big skirts, big pants – you name it, fashion week had it. Volume is the easiest way to look stylish without trying very hard, and trust us: once you try it, you’ll never go back on this trend. It’s hard to resist how comfortable it can be!

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