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The top love stories of 2021

Everyone loves a good love story, and our How They Met column featuring Toronto couples proves that. These stories, featuring some of the city’s best comedians, actors, chefs and more, always catch the eye (and capture the hearts) of our readers. Here are our top five love stories of 2021.

Andrew Phung and Tamara

Andrew Phung role as Kimchee on Kim’s Convenience already made him a fan favourite, and his story of literally falling for his wife Tamara really sealed the deal. He slipped on a puddle of beer at a Calgary nightclub in an attempt to impress Tamara, but it was his choice to get up and keep dancing that sealed the deal for her.

Marivel Taruc and Trevor Pilling

Marivel and Trevor are a true CBC love story. They met while working at CBC Manitoba and hit it off quickly as the youngest people in the newsroom. Now, Marivel is recognizable as CBC Toronto’s weekend anchor, and Trevor works as the director of news and highlights at Olympic Broadcasting services.

Carlos Bustamante and Rachel

Entertainment host for ET Canada Carlos Bustamante met his wife well before he was gracing our television screens. He and Rachel were just eight and 10 when they met as dancers in the same competitive group, and after the first date in 1998 as teenagers, they never looked back.

Craig Harding and Alexandra Hutchinson

Chef and owner of La Palma Craig Harding met interior designer and creative director Alexandra Hutchinson in the kitchen – just on opposite sides of the kitchen pass. Alex was a server at the time and Craig was a first-time sous-chef. From the first date at a John Mayer concert to a spectacular holiday proposal, the details of this Toronto couple’s relationship are all pretty picture-perfect.

Thea Munster and Adam Invader

Thea Munster is one of the founders of Toronto’s Zombie Walk that ran from 2003 to 2016, and the couple now performs in an instrumental horror band called Night Chill. This spooky couple celebrated their 10 year anniversary this year, giving us the perfect opportunity to relive all the larger-than-life, horrifying details of their Halloween-themed courtship, proposal and wedding.