The top home design trends for 2022 to spruce up your home

Go wild with printed wallpaper and digital upgrades in 2022

Ringing in the new year might make you want to make some changes — find a new hobby, set a resolution for the year or switch up your style. Whether you’ve lived in the same place for years or have just moved in, maybe you’ll want to do the same for your home. Toronto luxury interior designer Michael London shares his best tips for sprucing up your home for the new year and what trends he predicts will be big in 2022.

What are some home design trends that are on their way out?

Greys, greys and more greys are making their way out in 2022. After year two of pandemic living, greys feel colder and lacking in distinction. The use of colours like beiges, off whites, golds mixed with light browns and caramels are warmer, cozier and a classic neutral base option for accent colours and accessories.

What trends are here to stay? 

Mid-century modern design and furniture are here to stay due to the clean lines and style elements.  Those who prefer a more transitional space are finding modern spaces easier to transition to, as it’s less fussy, and some traditional or transitional elements can be added as accents to the space.

Sustainability is also a trend moving closer to the forefront in interior design. Creating luxurious, high-quality design with low environmental impact is key.

What are the top trends of 2022?

Digital environment: Certain luxuries that seemed to be only “wants,” like intelligent toilets, smart home systems for lighting, blind controls and digital locks, are now becoming “needs.”  All of which are providing forms of personal comfort, stress relief and the ease of life.

Bronze tones: We’re looking toward one more year of light bronze tones in metals, faucets and hardware.  We are slowly seeing the shift back to the classic chrome, brushed nickel and even polished nickel, which is subtle and still lends well to the warm tones.

Home offices: The shift to work-from-home spaces in 2021 will carry over to 2022, as the work from home option has become essential.  Those with both smaller closet-style work spaces or larger dens are opting to have the ability to close off the space to hide work after hours. Converting guest rooms or bedrooms into offices or homework rooms for the children is also essential.

Custom printed wallpaper: Subtle graphics in custom wallpaper makes an impact, which helps to show personality in the space, similar to adding artwork.

What are the best ways to keep your home design up to date but timeless?

Keep away from trendy finishes and details.

Decoratively, homeowners can paint walls in more neutral tones that can adapt to either a warm or cool palette. Accents and accessories can always be updated, but having the mindset of keeping the home livable will help in having a classic environment.

Architecturally, adjusting structural elements can become costly, but adding applied mouldings to walls in a dining or living room adds details and gives the room character.

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