The New Mid-LIfe: Rebecca Eckler tries out high-tech skin treatments including a vajacial

Rose-infused oxygen adds to the experience of a cold-laser facial

Technology has taken over almost every aspect of our lives, including our beauty regimens; a good example is laser treatments, and no I don’t mean laser hair removal. I mean a laser facial. 

It’s a gorgeous (and hot) spring day, but ironically, I’m at the Freeze Clinic, which has become so popular it now has two locations in Toronto, one on the Danforth and one in North Toronto. I’m about to get the cold laser facial, which — unlike most laser skin treatments that use heat to intentionally damage the skin — uses a cold laser that penetrates deeply without heating the tissue.

“Most people are surprised to see the immediate results,” says Jessica Biegel who is a co-founder of the clinic with her friend Sachi Morris. 

This is the facial celebrities like Cate Blanchett, Eva Longoria, Kate Winslet and Anna Wintour have raved about. I can see why. Morris, who used to live in L.A., became addicted to it before moving back to Toronto. 

This clinic is the only one in the city that offers this facial using the newest multi-beam technology. 

“It’s great for anti-aging or those who don’t want to go the Botox route. We have people mostly in their 30s and 40s coming in, but we do have one client who is 84,” says Morris.

My favourite part of this treatment is that they blast rose-infused oxygen throughout, which permeates onto the skin’s surface (and is also inhaled through the nose into the lungs). 

“It’s invigorating,” explains Biegel. “It wakes up all the systems in the body. It literally is a breath of fresh air for your face.”

Unlike most facials, the results get better as the week goes on because the cold laser works on a cellular level so the impacted skin cells slowly come to the surface. 

After my facial, I feel fantastic, like I’ve finally had a great night’s sleep. Three days later, the acne on my lower jaw is gone. My lips are soft. This is by far one of my favourite facials in Toronto.

But my day isn’t over. Rather, I’m not done getting facials just yet. But my next one is for a different part of my body.

Fuzz Wax Bar, located on Bloor Street at Bathurst, is well known for their Brazilian waxing, and now also their vajacial, (and, yes, I had to sign a “vajacial waiver”). It is a five-step procedure for those who get Brazilian waxes (Google search!) and have ingrown hairs. 

I’m not embarrassed at all to give this a try. My vajacial specialist, Carly Hachey, says a lot of people, apparently, love this treatment! 

Like any good facial, this treatment cleanses, exfoliates, moisturizes and assists in preventing acne. However, the tech factor comes in with the high-frequency wand that treats deep rooted ingrown hairs and has a germicidal effect to prevent irritation from spreading.

“We take care of every other part of our body, so why not this?” says Hachey.

Fuzz Wax Bar is also the only place to offer vajacials in Toronto. 

After a day of introducing technology to my beauty regimen, I feel super-maintained and ready for summer.

Article exclusive to STREETS OF TORONTO