The Hoof Café to close, reopen as Black Hoof & Company

Dundas West is the carnivore’s gift that keeps on giving. This time, the insanely popular Black Hoof brand is set to expand in April, when The Hoof Café – originally a brunch-centric sister to The Black Hoof – will become Black Hoof & Company, a full-fledged dinner restaurant with two tasting menus (no a-la-carte). Contrary to previous Black Hoof ethos, tables at BHCO will be available for reservation.

Toronto Star columnist and longtime Black Hoof fan Corey Mintz announced the news yesterday on Charcuterie Sundays, The Black Hoof’s blog. While clearly excited about the upcoming expansion, Mintz writes with a bittersweet tinge: “Personally, I’m upset at losing the only place I go for breakfast." We have a feeling he’s not the only one.

Geoff Hopgood and co-owner Grant van Gameren will team up in BHCO’s kitchen, with Colin Tooke taking up the chef’s hat at The Black Hoof.

The Hoof Café’s last day of service is Feb. 28.

[Charcuterie Sundays via Eye Weekly]

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