The five best grab-and-go-sushi spots in Toronto

When the sushi craving hits but time and budget are tight, Toronto’s grab-and-go sushi spots come to the rescue. These quick, affordable options ensure you don’t sacrifice taste for convenience.

Here are the five best grab-and-go sushi spots in Toronto.

Tobiko Express


At Roncesvalles’ Tobiko Express, enjoy the freshness of dine-in meals without the wait. Along with a selection of rice bowls and udon, they also carry a number of affordable sushi & maki sets like the 10-piece Rainbow ($15.90) which includes rainbow roll, salmon sushi, unary sushi, avocado sushi, tuna sushi and shrimp sushi as well as special rolls like the Veggie Dragon ($12.50) a 10-piece set that includes yam tempura, cucumber, avocado, oshinko and topped with avocado. 67 Roncesvalles Ave.


A trailblazer in the realm of sushi grab-and-go cuisine in Canada, originating in 1997 with a mission to offer a healthy and delicious alternative to fast food for those leading busy lives. Sushi-Q has expanded its reach across Canada and the United States. A whopping total of 20 sushi  and sashimi sets are available for pickup including green dragon, salmon nigiri and avocado cumber rolls. 199 Bay St.

Sushi & Bento

This takeout focused spot offers poke bowls, sushi pizza and bento boxes, but it’s there grab-and-go sushi that keeps people coming back for more. Reasonably priced sushi sets include the 6-piece spicy salmon roll priced $9.95 and at just $10.95,  the crispy roll features fried salmon and cream cheese for a flavourful crunch. 187 Dundas St. W.

Sushi on the Run

This humble sushi counter nestled within College Park offers a straightforward menu of both raw and cooled rolls. Boasting the freshest sushi in town, this hidden gem even offers BOGO after 5 p.m. from Monday to Friday.  444 Yonge St.

CJ Lunch Box

Experience lightening-fast service at this Richmond Street gem. Serving up the most popular options, they eve offer a miso soup bar. The food is not only fresh and budget friendly, but the no-frills counter even allows the customizations of sushi toppings.  409 Richmond St. W.


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