The first IHOP in the GTA is officially open

This month, IHOP joined the ranks of American restaurant chains setting up shop in Toronto’s backyard. The franchise’s newest haunt is at 50 Biscayne Crescent in Brampton in the Orion Gate Retail Centre.

This is exciting news for GTA breakfast-lovers who previously had to trek to the US border to enjoy IHOP’s signature stacks. 

IHOP has been around in the US since 1958. It’s known for its affordable, reliable, and nostalgic dining experience, enjoyed by families, students, and seniors alike. Today, there are over 1,800 IHOP locations across all 50 states of the US, Canada, and international territories, and the California-based pancake house is by no means done expanding. 

50 Biscayne Crescent is the first of many IHOPs in the works for the GTA. In 2019, IHOP’s parent company, Dine Brands International, announced plans to open 15 restaurants across the GTA over seven years — a move that is expected to bring approximately 900 jobs and $15 million to the GTA’s labour force and construction industry respectively. This expansion is in conjunction with Saeed Minhas of Minhas Holdings.

“The opportunity to partner with Saeed Minhas as a franchisee was also a major factor in our decision,” says Steve Joyce, Chief Executive Officer for Dine Brands Global. “In addition to his work as a real-estate developer, Saeed has valuable experience in the hospitality industry as a franchisee for Marriott and IHG as well as local market knowledge and presence.”

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In spite of its new-ish stake in the GTA, IHOP already has a history here in Ontario. The restaurant’s location on the Canadian side of the border of Niagara Falls has been a mainstay in the town since 2008. Additionally, in 2021, IHOP partnered up with Ghost Kitchen Brands to open a ghost kitchen location offering delivery and pick-up, but no option for dining in in Toronto’s Liberty Village. That particular ghost kitchen has since closed. 

IHOP also has a long-standing relationship with Canada. 

“Canada was the first international market we opened for IHOP back in 1969, making this year our 50th anniversary in the country,” says Joyce. There are currently 26 franchises across Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, and New Brunswick.

“Canada is a great strategic business choice for expansion outside of the U.S. for many reasons including geographic proximity and great brand awareness,” says William Urrego, Vice President of International Operations for Dine Brands Global. “We are interested in further expanding our presence in Canada and we are looking for great partners to take that step with us.”

In addition to the forthcoming GTA locations, a partnership between Toronto-based K2 Group and Dine Brands International will bring a minimum of five new IHOP restaurants over the next five years to Belleville, Hamilton, Waterloo, London, and Windsor, Ontario.

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