The first ever haunted Halloween drive-in movie experience is coming to Toronto

If drive-in movies have been getting a little passé for you, this Halloween season is coming to the rescue! Look no further than Haunted Cinema, the first immersive drive-in movie experience of its kind with a spooky theme that will make you really feel like you’re in the movie.

Think haunted house-movie theatre hybrid with stellar choreography. Intrigued? Haunted Cinema, directed by Hit and Run Dance Productions, will incorporate a choreographed performance that will mirror every jump scare and eerie music moment in the movie on the big screen. You’ll be able to watch the movie from the safety of your car, but don’t say we didn’t warn you when someone comes creeping out from the shadows of your car and scares the popcorn right out of your hands! From Oct. 26-31 at the Ontario Place drive-in, viewers will get to watch two of the best Halloween movies out there – Goosebumps and Scream.

If you’re getting tickets for the whole family, keep in mind that Goosebumps will be a more kid-friendly viewing, while Scream is planned for more mature audiences.

Co-directors Anisa Tejpar and Jennifer Nichols will have the performers doing a few jump scares of their own, as the press release notes that you’ll see characters from the films popping in front of your windshield or right beside your face in the window. Apparently, that may include some props as well – the Ontario Place website notes that lighting devices and rubber and toy props will be incorporated.

“This is not your average Halloween experience,” said Tejpar in the release. “If you’re expecting a run of the mill haunted hayride or a typical pumpkin patch, be prepared to have your expectations blown out of the water.”

Expect to pay $50-$55 per car, to a maximum of four passengers – any more and you’ll be charged $15 per extra person. Tickets are available online.

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