New Queen West shop features clothes worn by your favourite TV stars

If you’re a fashion lover, it’s hard not to let the shows and movies we love dictate what we wear next. Jeremy Allen White had his moment in the menswear world for his perfectly tailored white T-shirt from The Bear. Succession was practically a trend in itself, sparking the rise of so-called “quiet luxury.” And Barbie had the entire world doused in pink for months on end. 

If you love emulating your favourite celebrities’ on-screen looks, at The Dressing Room on Queen West, you can buy the actual garments worn on screen.

Started by Mara Wood just last year, The Dressing Room sources clothing directly from the sets of TV and film. Wood worked as a member of key wardrobe for decades, dressing personalities from CTV, Master Chef Canada, Great Canadian Baking Show and many others. 

“I’m 60 years old,” says Wood. “Sometimes you work 12- to 16- hour days and you feel like you’re moving your house every day because you’re taking so many clothes with you. Over the 30 years of working in the industry, I’ve collected different pieces that I absolutely love so rather than selling them online, I put these out there for people to enjoy.”

In 2022, Wood experimented with the idea of selling her collection through brick-and-mortar at a pop-up on Eglinton. The short-term lease turned out to be a success, kickstarting a permanent move to Queen Street West. 

Since opening in one of the trendiest shopping neighbourhoods in the city, the boutique has attracted exactly the shoppers you would expect — fashion influencers, especially the vintage-loving kind. Toronto’s top style influencers have flocked to the store, posting their vintage finds and complimenting the extensive selection.

The store’s rapid success can in part be credited to Wood’s unique influence as an owner and the staff’s ability to educate customers on the story that each piece tells. Wood admitted that while on some occasions she either doesn’t remember or isn’t allowed to share the story, she always volunteers what she can. 

The Dressing Room carries a range of clothing, much of it worn by extras in the background of some of your favourite TV shoes. Because of this, the clothing is suitable for all kinds of budgets, ranging from a $10 faux leather handbag to a $10,000 Cartier watch necklace. 

Giving this clothing a second life is a crucial aspect of Wood’s business. The topic of sustainability was on her mind when she saw her storage locker filled with clothing, and has been since then. 

“I saw a documentary a while ago on all of the T-shirts in the world and I was disgusted to see how much waste and landfill there was,” Wood says. “I thought if I go through that storage locker, I could get people to reuse this beautiful clothing that people put their heart and soul into making instead of throwing it away.” 

The Dressing Room is constantly evolving its collection as Wood continues to bring in wardrobes of old and new. For all you know, the next dress you buy may have been worn by a celebrity.

Article exclusive to STREETS OF TORONTO