secret beach

The city tries and fails to block access to ‘secret’ beach

It is the stuff of local legend, a “secret beach” that is far from the overcrowded confines of Woodbine Beach and Ashbridge’s Bay. A stretch of lazy summer paradise where real Beach residents go to unwind, and, sure, for local youths, party it up late at night. Now, the city is doing its best to keep residents from their precious secret beach by fencing the area off and plastering up some private property signs.

The fencing lasted a day or two before a gaping hole was carved in it. Don’t tell anyone.

“The city does not supervise every single beach in the City so it’s absurd to me that they prohibited entry because of this reason. Emergency services can access the beach — the marine unit has lots of access,” read one  commenter on a Beaches community Facebook page.

City of Toronto officials said the property is owned by Toronto and Region Conservation Authority and managed by the city’s Parks, Forestry and Recreation department.

secret beach
This hole could have been created accidentally

“Secret Beach is a ravine and beach area located along the western Bluffs beachfront. Access to the beach is restricted for public safety. There is no safe access point to this beach for the public or emergency services,” stated a city spokesperson, via email.

“This beach is not supervised by lifeguards, who are on duty daily from June 3 to Labour Day at Toronto’s 10 swimming beaches.”

Of course, there are plenty of areas/beaches in the city of Toronto where people can swim, which are not supervised. But, this might be the only one that requires walking down a tricky slice of ravine.

Still, since it is popular and a beautiful spot, one wonders why the city doesn’t just put a staircase down to the beach for the neighbouring water filtration plant, which is also well-used by sun worshippers and could be the best tanning spot in Toronto.

Will the fence be repaired? Or will the secret beach continue to add to local residents quality of life? What happens, it’s our little secret. First rule of secret beach, don’t talk about secret beach.

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