The best Yule logs in Toronto

The festive Yule log tradition began with burning a log on the hearth during the first twelve days of Christmas. Today, the yule log takes the form of a delicious chocolate-flavoured cake decorated to resemble tree bark. Known as the “bûche de Noël” in French, it’s the crown jewel of the Christmas table, impressing and delighting guests as the perfect sweet ending to the meal.

Here are the best Yule logs in Toronto.

Charmaine Sweets Studio

Charmaine Sweets offers festive Yule Logs in Dark Chocolate and Vanilla Caramel options, both featuring handcrafted hot chocolate or vanilla cake, ganache or buttercream, and unique toppings like Large Macarons and meringue mushrooms. Priced at $38, each serves 8

Steven Tran


Former Four Seasons pastry chef Steven Tran presents his festive Yule Log featuring spiced port soaked cherries, dark chocolate mousse, sour cherry compote, pistachio sponge and spruce tip cream. Not only does this dessert look stunning, the unique textures and flavours are sure to be the talk to the table.

Almond Butterfly

Almond Butterfly‘s Yule Log is a delectable chocolate treat with vanilla frosting, a raspberry jam filling and candied pecan toppings. A perfect combination of flavours for a festive indulgence.


Bomouo Artisanal Bakery offers a $80 Yule log serving 10, boasting a Black Forest flavour. This indulgent treat features a decadent brownie base topped with cream Brule and griot gel, all enveloped in a creamy chocolate mousse.

Duo Patisserie


Among the lineup of Yule logs at Duo Patisserie, the star is the infamous Rouge. While the Santa belt cake may look familiar, this year brings a delightful twist with revamped components. This beautiful log cake is filled with earl grey mousse, vanilla sponge soaked in strawberry essence, red berry cream, raspberry gelee and an almond shortbread crust,

San Remo


SanRemo Bakery’s festive Yule log lineup is a delicious addition to their Christmas dessert menu. The Yule logs include three options: Milk Chocolate Dulce de Leche, White Chocolate Cranberry and Cherry Cream Cheese Chocolate.



At Goûter Patisserie, the Bûche de Noël lineup is a delightful treat for the taste buds. Featuring the “Fantastique” (Lotus Biscoff Cookie or Speculaas), Classic Chocolate and Traditional Mocha, each log is a masterpiece of layers. Creamy whipped ganache is expertly rolled into a soft sponge cake, then covered and adorned with buttercream for a deliciously festive touch

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