The best tourtière in Toronto according to a Michelin chef

’Tis the season to indulge in the classic Québécois Christmas pie — tourtière. Chef Anthony Rose sleighed the competition, helping us pick the perfect flaky winner for a Christmas feast that’s oh-so-delicious.

Winner: Charmaine Sweet Studio

“Now, this is a gorgeous pie. The seasoning is spot-on, the crust is fantastic, and the texture is exceptional.”  115 Vanderhoof Ave., $35

Runner-up: Goûter

“They certainly weren’t afraid of flavours here! The crust really maintains its structure.”  300 Eglinton Ave. W., $37–$42

Pâtisserie La Cigogne

“This is incredibly juicy, and the spices are perfectly balanced. I appreciate the textures of the potatoes and carrots.” 626 Bayview Ave., $44.95

Rosedale’s Finest

“The meat is not quite fatty enough for me, but it’s got all the right seasonings and the crust is nice and flaky.” 408 Summerhill Ave., $9.99

La Bréhandaise

“It’s got lots of meat, lots of carrots and potatoes, but I wouldn’t really call this a tourtière — it’s more of a traditional beef pie.” 13495 Bathurst St., $25.50



“Now this is a nicely-spiced filling. The meat is very moist and the crust is simple but good.” 1589 Bayview Ave., $29.49

Anthony Rose

Streets of Toronto’s tasting chef is the Michelin-recommended visionary behind Fat Pasha, Schmaltz and Fet Zun.

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