The best places to go tobogganing in Toronto right now

After an epic blizzard, the hills are alive with the sounds of sledding. Here is where you’ll want to go to take advantage of the snow days.

Riverdale Park East or West: this is city living in the wintertime at its finest. Riverdale Park West is a popular sledding spot because the hill is steep and fast but ends in a nice long stretch ideal for slowing down. You can find Riverdale Park West at 375 Sumach St. And, across the DVP, Riverdale Park East offers much the same, with an even larger area at 550 Broadview Ave. There is a footbridge that connects the two parks for an epic day of sledding.

Sir Winston Churchill Park: we like this hill because it offers various paths for all ages. You’ll find slopes for all thrill levels at this park, and it’s also located near a Loblaws if you get hungry (winter picnics are going to be a thing this year!). Find Sir Winston Churchill Park at 301 St Clair Ave. W. 

Withrow Park: we love this park because it has an outdoor skating rink and plenty of smaller hills for the little ones (or for the young at heart that isn’t into fast rides). Bring some hot chocolate and make it an afternoon of sledding and skating fun. It is located at 725 Logan Ave.

Taylor Creek Park: this park is popular with kids that love to go off-trail. There are many wooded trails at Taylor Creek, making it an ideal place to practice sledding tricks. There’s also a smaller hill if you have little kids and want a mountain that isn’t too hard to walk up (because let’s face it, you’ll be the one dragging the sled to the top repeatedly!)—located at 60 Dawes Rd.

Cedarvale Park: Bring your skates and get ready to slide down a hill that’s just the right size. This is a popular sledding park that is worth a try at least once. The outdoor skating rink at Cedarvale Park is also a great option when you’re tired of sledding—located at 443 Arlington Ave.

Adams Park: this is not a hugely popular park because it’s easiest to get to if you have a car, but it’s worth a trip if you’re looking for somewhere new to go. We also love Adams Park because it has many wooded trails that make sledding feel like a real adventure. Adams Park is in Scarborough at 2 Rozell Rd.

Colonel Samuel Smith Park: most people head to this park for the massive 250-meter skating rink that loops through trees and shrubs, but Colonel Samuel Smith Park also has some great sledding spots. The best thing about this park is that it provides a waterfront view from both the skating rink and sledding hills, so you can pretend that you’re in the middle of the wilderness. Colonel Smith is located at 3145 Lake Shore Blvd W, Etobicoke.

Humber Valley Park: this park is not for the faint of heart, but the steep hills at Humber Valley make sledding so much fun. This park is excellent for thrill-seeking adults and older kids that love the fast rides—located at 54 Anglesey Blvd.

Birchmount Park: this park is located in Scarborough, but it’s easy to get to and comes with a great little sledding hill that parents and kids will love. Find large sledding lanes at 93 Birchmount Rd, Scarborough.

Howard Talbot Park: this park is right behind Leaside High School, making it popular with local teens. There’s a small hill here that’s a fun ride if you’re looking for something slow and easy. You’ll also find ample parking at this park. 635 Eglinton Avenue East.

Image: Connie Crosby/Flickr Commons

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