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The best sandwiches in Toronto, ranked

Sandwiches are timeless. Despite low-carb and no-meat trends, they’re still a favourite. With so many sandwich spots in Toronto, picking the best is tough. But here they are—the top sandwiches in Toronto, ranked.

10. The Big Bella at La Bella Sangweech


What’s on it: Mortadella, hot soppressata, prosciutto, capicola, provolone, mozzarella, olive salad, iceberg lettuce, Bella sauce

Hailing from Sault Ste. Marie and Toronto, respectively, Jessica Anelli and Angie Russo, the owners of La Bella Sangweech, infuse their Italian Canadian heritage into the very essence of their flavourful journey as business owners. Crafting the menu for the shop proved to be an exciting yet challenging endeavour. La Bella Sangweech boasts freshly baked focaccia daily, hand-sliced meats and cheeses and a dedication to providing great customer service.

9. The pulled pork at Black Camel

What’s on it: Succulent slow-roasted pulled pork on a perfectly toasted bun. These gourmet sandwiches are customizable with toppings like Roma tomatoes, eggplant, chili-roasted red onions and arugula. Our favourite combo? Caramelized onions, fontina cheese, coleslaw and Black Camel BBQ sauce.

A sandwich shop doesn’t get to be a Rosedale institution by doing anything less than great work. The Black Camel’s brisket sandwich is the sparks that fly when bubby meets Texas barbecue. The meat has been roasted so long and slow that it melts in your mouth. Its tomato-based sauce is just sweet enough to make you smile, and Black Camel piles it on a soft Portuguese kaiser bun.

8. The Italian trio at Lamobo’s Deli

The Italian trio sandwich from Lambo's deli

What’s on it: Soppressata, mortadella, prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, pickled red onion, arugula, pesto, Calabrian chili spread.

Inspired by the delicious deli sandwiches he enjoyed on trips to New York, Lambo’s Deli owner Justin Leon set out to bring Toronto an old-school hoagie. Fresh, high-quality ingredients elevate Lambo’s Deli’s sandwiches above your childhood bagged lunches. Veggies, meats and cheese are prepared in-house, while ingredients like pickles, pesto and black olive tapenade are made from scratch.

7. The spicy ham at Grandma Loves You

What’s on it: Ham, Cheese, Tomato, Jalapeno, Crispy Onion, Fresh Onion, Lettuce, Grandma’s Homemade hot sauce

This cute takeout counter run by husband-and-wife team Sarah and Artin Davoodi, who moved to Toronto from Cologne in 2018, specializes in sandwiches and hot dogs. Their creative hot dogs feature toppings inspired by different nationalities, such as the French, which sees a classic grilled hot dog paired with brie cheese and jam and served in a croissant. Sandwiches come in hot varieties like meatball, deli-style cold cut or served on German rye bread. Part deli, part convenience store, Grandma Loves You also offers snacks like chips, candy and chocolate bars.

6. The original steak sandwich at BEAR Steak Sandwiches

What’s on it: Medium rare flank steak, chimichurri  on a Portuguese roll

Aki Erenberg and Ricky Barrientos initially launched BEAR Steak Sandwiches in 2021 as a pandemic-inspired passion project, intending it as a temporary venture to cook for family and friends. Operating out of backyards, they offered their  steak sandwich every Sunday in Little Italy. 

5. The 7 E 11  at Leslie’s Sandwich Room

What’s On it: This egg salad made with Kewpie mayo has a hit of heat with some togarashi, decorated with green onions and held together on a Pullman’s loaf.

For those who prefer not to pack their own lunch, Leslieville boasts a new talk-of-the-town sandwich shop. However, Leslie’s Sandwich Room offers more than just grab-and-go options—it serves elevated sandwiches to add pizzazz to your office lunches. Inspired by owners Katherine McCallum and Nora Smith-Beckett’s travels around the world, the menu at Leslie’s Sandwich Room includes a list of salads, sandwiches and desserts where nearly everything — down to making the dressings, chocolate chips, chip seasoning and roasting the beef — is done in house.

4. The O.G. fried chicken at Porchetta & Co.


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Porchetta & Co. is named after the iconic dish from Central Italy. The boneless pork roast is traditionally stuffed with herbs and garlic, and is a salty slab of goodness. But everyone knows that the best part of the dish is the crispy skin! The signature dish is available as a sandwich or as a plate with your choice of side. We definitely recommend opting for the truffle sauce to take it over the top. For regulars seeking variety, there’s a selection of sandwiches of the non-pork variety such as fried chicken parmesan and pastrami banh mi.

3. The Mortadella e Pistacchio Tramezzini at Forno Cultura


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What’s on it: Pistachio crema and mortadella

Forno Cultura is a beautiful, Italian-style bakery. Each day, bakers whip up freshly made breads and pastries using Italian recipes that have been passed down through generations. Some of the most popular items are the pugliese bread (a rustic loaf similar to a ciabatta) and chocolate-hazelnut biscotti that have a line of rich chocolate running through the middle in addition to roasted hazelnuts. Also available are imported oils, sauces and spreads to serve with Forno’s homemade goods. The open bar provides a stunning display of all its offerings, which include pre-made sandwiches on the breads and croissants — and also allows for customers to watch the bakers at work. Mangia, baby!

2. The Caesaroni at Vilda’s


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What’s on it: Pepperoni pizza & Caesar salad living in harmony in a bun. Tomato sauce, shredded mozzarella, pepperoni & romaine tossed in Caesar dressing. 

Vilda’s is easy to miss. It’s tucked away inside Nobrega’s Variety and Grocery, located at 209 Dovercourt, and serves sandwiches, salads, soups, and other noshes as well as some sweet treats. The ever-changing menu will spotlight seasonal ingredients and includes standouts like the vegan BLT, with beets, lettuce, and tahini on brodflour seeded pullman, and the brown butter chicken salad made from the leftover chicken from Bernhardt’s, whipped with brown butter and mayonnaise.

1. The Fish-n-Chips Pita at Miznon


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What’s on it: Grilled Seabass fillet and potatoes, seasoned with parsley & vinegar. In a pita with garlic aioli and pickles.

This Yorkville Israeli restaurant was actually world-famous before it even came to Toronto and the excitement was bustling for months in anticipation of its opening. Chef Eyal Shani hails from Jerusalem, and has become a household name thanks to appearances on Food for Thought and as a guest for the Israeli version of MasterChef. Now, chef Shani has brought his signature whole roasted cauliflower to Toronto, a customer favourite across the globe. The “magic of Miznon” means each location chef Shani’s pitas are served at are made using local, seasonal vegetables in a farm-to-table approach.

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