The best panettone in Toronto

Panettone, a beloved Italian sweet bread, has a history as rich as its flavour. Originating from Milan, its roots can be traced back to the Roman Empire. Crafting this delectable treat is an art that involves a meticulous process, taking several days to achieve the perfect balance of light, airy texture and rich, yeasty flavours. From classic renditions to contemporary twists like the indulgent Chocottone, these sweet treats have become a festive staple, offering a taste of tradition with a touch of innovation.

Here are the most delicious and indulgent panettones from some of Toronto’s best bakers.



Eataly just launched its first-ever global Panettoni collection for the holiday season, featuring four flavours: Classico, Pistachio Cream, Orange & Chocolate and Pandoro. Keep an eye out for panettone pop-ups at Eataly Yorkville, offering tastings and ticketed events. In Eataly restaurants, a dedicated panettone cart lets guests indulge tableside with housemade toppings like chocolate, chantilly cream or mascarpone cream.



At Padaria, they’ve created two tempting options for their in-house Panettone this year. The first is a delicious mix of almonds, Belgian chocolate and candied orange, while the second is a three chocolate chocotone featuring dark, milk, and white chocolate.  Both  come beautifully packaged in a festive box, making them a great gift option for all the foodies in your life.



Spaccio’s Panettone Artigianale undergoes meticulous craftsmanship over three days. Using flour from a small mill in Italy’s Marche region, along with free-range eggs, butter, vanilla beans and their unique mother yeast, it emerges as a sweet and fragrant embodiment of the Italian holiday tradition. Available in Classico (candied orange & raisins) and Cioccolato.

San Remo


San Remo offers a variety of flavours for its in-house crafted panettone, including Nutella, pistachio, chocolate chip and orange. Additionally, they come in a mini size for a delightful bite-sized treat.



Mattachioni‘s holiday panettone is a true work of art.Available in two options – Chocolate & Orange Panettone and Fruit & Nut Panettone – both are priced at $45.00, promising a festive treat for everyone to enjoy.

Mary’s Brigadeiro


If you haven’t tried Mary’s Brigadeiro’s Chocottone or missed out last year due to it being sold out, treat yourself! Their special panettone, filled with their signature chocolate Brigadeiro 54 per cent, is truly stunning. And for those crazy about Salted Caramel Brigadeiro, they’ve  got you covered! From large to petit size, their panettone collection is ready for everyone to enjoy.

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