The Best New Weekend Getaways From Toronto: Norfolk County

There is so much sand in Norfolk County that it’s hard to tell where the beach ends and the wineries begin, and that’s just how they like it.

Located just a few hours southwest of Toronto, the other “county” is one of Ontario’s best-kept secrets. The former tobacco belt has transformed into a foodie wonderland with everything from lavender and ginseng farms to craft breweries and wineries.

Glamping at Long Point Eco-Adventures

Looking for a place to stay that reflects the unique nature of Norfolk? Try the gorgeous glamping cabins (the hottest new way to enjoy the outdoors without being immersed in it a bit too much) at Long Point Eco-Adventures. Perched on the edge of a bona fide UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, this facility has the coolest new lodging in the area, including glamping tents complete with king-sized beds, outdoor shower and private firepits, to enjoy nature at its finest.

The buzziest new arrival on the Norfolk scene has to be Front Porch Southern Kitchen and Blues Joint. Front Porch serves up a delish barbecue with a side of live music that has the hordes beating a drool-splashed pathway to the door of this new and exciting roadside attraction.