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The top home design columns of 2020

This was the year that we were all stuck in our homes, so naturally we all decided to renovate, redecorate and more. We tapped our interior design and renovation experts for guest columns highlighting all the latest trends, DIY projects and tips for making your home a space you never want to leave. Here are the top five columns of the year.

How to make an outdoor planter 

DIY was more popular than ever when it came to home design projects so of course expert DIY’er and self-taught woodworker and carpenter Mark Rason was in big demand. Readers loved his step-by-step guide on how to create an outdoor planter for your front or backyard. Rason chose a geometric-shaped planter because geometry is all the rage these days.

How COVID-19 shut down Danielle Bryk’s home reno 

When the initial lockdown came into effect in March, it halted almost all projects — including HGTV Canada designer Danielle Bryk’s major home renovation. The Bryk family had moved into a temporary condo for the duration of the renovation, which was now going to be longer than expected. In this column, Bryk explains how she adapted her plans and learned to enjoy the entire muddy, dusty process even with all of the uncertainty in the air.

How to make one-of-a-kind wrapping paper 

Another DIY expert, HGTV interior designer Tiffany Pratt, was a big hit with readers. Pratt is known for her use of colours and creating whimsical do-it-yourself projects. In this column she outlines how to make your own wrapping paper with special unique touches using chalk paint.

Making your home a colourful and happy place during isolation 

Interior design expert Brian Gluckstein shared many tips and tricks with readers this year. His top column was one that outlined the secrets to designing a space with colour. Forget those all-white kitchens or those beige family rooms, here Gluckstein takes it way out of the box. He suggests creating a mood board before you design anything.

Easy reno projects to tackle while stuck at home 

It’s not always just enough to redesign or redecorate, sometimes you need to tear down and rebuild or completely renovate. For this, renovation and income property expert Scott McGillivray shared tips on the easiest projects to tackle while stuck at home. He suggests starting outside with something like the garden while the weather is nice, and then moving to projects like painting indoors when the weather cools.

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