Live music at Tonight Bar

The best arts stories of 2020

Although 2020 was not a great year when it comes to culture, artists did what they always do. They created, and in so doing helped us to deal with life in a quarantine without access to live music, theatre, or our beloved festivals. Here are the top 5 arts stories of 2020.

Word on the Street goes digital

Toronto’s favourite festival of books, Word on the Street, like most arts festivals, was online for 2020, but that didn’t stop our readers from taking the opportunity to check out all the top local authors on hand for the event. Long live books!

The return of live music

In a city desperate for a return to live music, the very novel experiment at Queen West’s Tonight Bar was a hit. The system was set up to broadcast a live performance from an enclosed booth in the empty restaurant to those seated at socially distanced tables on the patio.

Bugs Bunny is from Scarborough

Eric Bauza is a voice actor from Toronto’s Scarborough neighbourhood and when he was named the new voice of Bugs Bunny, he hit the pinnacle of his craft. Our readers thought it was pretty cool, too.

A playlist of songs that matter

As a way to cope with the pandemic, we compiled a playlist of songs by asking some of our favourite Toronto musicians to chip in with songs that matter to them. It’s still online at YouTube.

Director Bruce McDonald’s Dreamland

It’s not every day a filmmaker who specializes in the creepier side of life gets to release a movie in a pandemic, but that’s just what Toronto’s Bruce McDonald did with his latest work Dreamland. Our Q&A with the director helped shine a light on this surreal work.

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