The 10 best places to find a rental in Toronto

With roughly half of Toronto’s population renting and that percentage growing by the day, snagging the right rental property can sometimes feel like a tailspin. To help make your search a little less hectic, here’s your go-to guide for reputable sites that offer plenty of rental options for your perusal, whether you’re looking for a sublet or a long-term lease in a house.


An excellent first stop on your rent-seeking journey, offers a robust catalog of rental options. 

Type in a few keywords, adjust your search parameters, then opt to view rentals by list, map, or city zone. For those with a specific property in mind, search by address or Vit number. The most helpful part of this site is that you can select specific wards to search in if you’re only planning on living in a specific neighbourhood. 

On, you’ll find listings like this cozy one-bedroom on King Street West.


Search for properties by neighbourhood, map, or address on and discover numerous listings right at your fingertips. Sign up to receive email alerts for rentals that fit your needs, or check out the rental guide for helpful insights. 

What’s more, the extensive search filters help you easily target properties relevant to your needs.  

On, you can snag a rental like this one-bedroom townhouse suite near Casa Loma.

3. Facebook Marketplace

Not only is Facebook a good place to connect with friends, but it’s also an excellent site to search for property rentals.

Once logged in, select the rental property option. From there, it’ll automatically geo-locate you for easy searching. For better piece of mind, this platform also shares the lister’s details and star rating.

On Facebook Marketplace, you can find spacious rentals like this three-bedroom house in Riverdale.

4. Padmapper

Padmapper makes it easy to navigate between long-term and short-term rentals. 

To help find your best rental match, slide the price scale to meet your budget, fill in keywords, and adjust the filters. Search by top neighbourhood or apartment type, and even make a favourites list.

On Padmapper, find homes like this renovated two-bedroom in Little Portugal. 

5. Toronto Home Zone

To stay up-to-date and have an inside scoop in the rental market, join Toronto Home Zone — the largest online rental community in Toronto. 

Here, you can trade tips, connect with others for peer support, and get informed on renters’ rights. Plus, all the properties advertised in this community get screened to help you avoid scammers. The best part is, you can speak with the former tenant of a place you’re looking at, as they’re often the ones posting the unit — you can trust them to be honest about what the location, property and, most importantly, landlord is like. 

Apply to join this private Facebook group here to start your rental journey on the right foot.


Not only is a well-known spot for home buyers and sellers, but it’s also a fabulous resource for rental properties.

Just switch the transaction type to “For Rent,” adjust any desired filters — and voila! Discover thousands of rentals right across the city. What’s more, each listing is connected to a professional leasing agent.

On, you can explore many quality rentals like this modern one plus den suite in Yorkville. 

7. Zumper

Offering short- and long-term rental options, Zumper guides searchers through several simple search prompts to help narrow down listing results. 

Many listings feature added insights like property comparisons within the vicinity, neighbourhood info, rent trends and even an affordability calculator. 

On Zumper, find rentals like this two-bedroom laneway house near Leslieville.

8. Rent Seeker

Get info on rental price trends and search for residential properties and commercial rentals at the click of a button. 

Check out student-appropriate housing options close to the college or university of your choice, or visit the new “seniors” tab that will provide rentals ideal for the 65+ crowd.

On Rent Seeker, explore light and airy rentals like the ones found at this Forest Hill low-rise

9. Toronto Rentals

Serving up plenty of rental listings right across the city and beyond, find your next rental property at Toronto Rentals.

Check out their blog to learn about rental tips, DIY tricks and more, or explore their neighbourhood guide to get a sense of Toronto’s many unique communities.

On, uncover listings like this beautiful two-bedroom apartment in the Beaches.

10. Zillow

Zillow offers more than just real estate purchases — it also boasts a substantial rental section. 

Scroll over the city map to explore thousands of listings. Play with the draw option to create custom map searches, or use the school locator to help plan for the kids.

This site also shares price histories and plenty of details about each property.

On Zillow, discover rentals like this luxurious one-bedroom apartment inside the King Edward Private Residences.

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