Teen fights, ride issues: rough season start at Canada’s Wonderland

What should have been a fun and safe start to the season at Canada’s Wonderland, has been anything but. Marred by chaos and violence and a few terrifying experiences on some of the park’s rides, to say that Wonderland has had a rough start is putting it mildly.

First, there was the swarming attacks that took place on opening weekend which saw numerous fights break out amongst Canada’s Wonderland’s teen guests, leading Β to multiple arrests.

A number of videos from May 6 posted on social media sites including Instagram and TikTok show what appears to be a physical confrontation between some of the younger guests, Β that turned into a food court food fight. In the videos, a number of people appear to led away in handcuffs, while others appear to be arguing. There are several people in attendance filming.

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As seen in a video posted to Twitter, the violence sent park guests running for safety.

To combat the “unruly behaviour” from guests, York Regional Police announced the relaunch of Operation Beehive in Vaughan, which will see an increased presence of police aimed at addressing incidents of mischief and threats.

First launched in July 2022 following a number of incidents of swarming-style robberies in the area, Operation Beehive resulted in the decline of robbery. disturbances and mischief.

Apparently, Wonderland’s epic rides dont’ always run so smoothly. Just last week, some unlucky guests got stuck on the Flight Deck ride for a whopping 45 minutes. According to a statement from the amusement park, “the maintenance team inspected the ride, got the train moving, and guests were unloaded safely.”

A TikTok video shows passengers onboard the inverted rollercoaster β€” which gets up to speeds of 80 km/h β€” 105 feet in the air with their legs dangling from the seats.

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And just a few days ago, a collision involving a bird left roller coaster riders covered in blood.

On Tuesday, while guests were riding the Leviathan, the ride hit a pigeon, causing blood and feathers to splatter on the those unfortunate people seated in the front row.

β€œI looked down and saw blood and my hands and my face,” Hubert Hsu Β told Β CTV News.Β β€œThere was a feather on my hand, and feathers on the girl next to me’s shirt,” he said. β€œIt seemed like the coaster car hit the bird and then it sort of exploded on us.”

People on Twitter were quick to poke fun at the unfortunate event.


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