Taste Test: With David Lee, the cheesecake connoisseur

It’s been a decade since we last tested T.O.’s top cheesecakes, so we asked chef David Lee, the brains behind Yorkville’s hottest new restaurant, Planta, to help us find the best slice in the city. Who takes the cake? Find out here.

Winner: Indulge in dulce
Phipps Desserts, 1875 Leslie St., unit 21, $28.95
“It has caramel, a crust for texture and the right density. And it looks good, like you want to dive in.”

Berry beautiful
Amadeus Patisserie, 7380 bathurst st., $33
“It’s a no-brainer. The Oreo crust is good, and it has fruit on top, but it tastes one-dimensional.”

Pistachio perfection
Karelia Kitchen, 1194 Bloor St. W., $7 (individual size)
“It looks very cool, but it needs more pistachio to add texture, and the cherry jelly on top is not for me.”

Dufflet, 2638 Yonge st., $26
“It has a good amount of Grand Marnier, but it’s overpowering after a few bites. The look is nice, it’s got a lot of drama.”

Raspberry rouge
Patisserie la Cigogne, 1626 Bayview Ave., $32.95
“It looks great, it tastes good, but it just doesn’t taste like a cheesecake. It has more of a mousse texture.”

From Japan with love
Love Me Sweet, 7181 Yonge St., unit 16, $11
“It’s very light, very aerated and looks very Zen. It’s a no fuss cheesecake that wouldn’t make me feel guilty.”

Mini but mighty
Mabel’s Bakery, 746 St. Clair Ave. W., $4.80 (individual size)
“I like the crust. It’s a little salty in a very good way, but there’s a little too many sour cherries in there.”

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