Taste Test: Former Bachelor Canada star Brad Smith picks Toronto’s best chocolate cake

Chopped Canada host and former star of The Bachelor Brad Smith came by Post City to sample 10 of the city’s most luscious and rich chocolate cakes. Which divine dessert is top tier? Find out here.

Phipps Desserts, 1875 Leslie St., Unit 21, $30.95
“It’s very nostalgic. The texture is beautiful, and it melts in your mouth,” says Smith.

Bobbette & Belle, 3347 Yonge St., $55
“This icing is on a different level. This one crosses the thin line between old school and technically nice and beautiful.”

A decadent chocolate creation from Nadège Patisserie (IMAGE: CJ BAEK)

Pur noir
Nadège, 1099 Yonge St., $36
“Oh wow, this one is good in small amounts, very rich and very delicious. It’s like the cake version of a Ferrero Rocher.”

Hazelnut cakelet
Dufflet, 2638 Yonge St., $15
“This is a great merge between chocolate and vanilla flavours,” says Smith. “The hazelnut is a little bit drowned out though.”

Black forest 
Grodzinski, 3437 Bathurst St., $23.50
“It’s a delicious black forest cake. It’s really moist and really rich, even in the cake,” he says. “The ganache on top is not for me.”

Wanda’s Pie in the Sky, 287 Augusta Ave., $30
“The buttercream is off the charts, the sugar is right on, and the cake is really moist.”

An eye-pleasing dessert from Amadeus Patisserie (IMAGE: CJ BAEK)

Amadeus, 7380 Bathurst St., $33
“Esthetically from all of them, this was the most beautifully done. The caramel is nice and the hazelnut combines well.”

Chocolate tornado
Chocolada, 180 Steeles Ave. W. $29
“It’s really good. You can taste the rum in the custard, but it’s not overpowering. The mousse is very delicate and not too sweet.”

Double chocolate
Dessert Lady, 12 Cumberland St., $42
“This hazelnut icing is how it’s supposed to be done,” he says. “It tastes amazing, and the cake is really nice and moist.”

Yummy Stuff, 1660 Queen St. W., $25
“This tastes like the classic Duncan Hines devil’s food chocolate cake. I feel like my sister made this for me,” says Smith.

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