Tacos, bourbon and beer: ex-Black Hoofers open a downtowner’s dream restaurant in Parkdale

Earlier this month, rumours began to circulate that former Black Hoof employees were involved in an upcoming Parkdale restaurant. Over at Toronto.com, Sheryl Kirby predicted that it would be Geoff Hopgood, but it turns out that it's Colin Tooke, along with former Hoof manager Ian McGrenaghan. Grand Electric, their new project, opened quietly last night, and looks to be indulging the city in just about all of its recent culinary obsessions.

According to The Star, inspiration for the place — ambience-wise, at least — came in the form of Guu for its frenetic energy. The concept is Mexican, with a bourbon-heavy liquor selection. As expected from Hoof alumni, the new spot looks meat-heavy.

“I wanted to do something that’s like crack,” Tooke told The Star, “and at a price point that you can eat it again.”

We can’t wait to check it out.

Grand Electric, 1330 Queen St. W., 416-627-3459

[Toronto Star]

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