T.O.’s Most Inspirational Women: Elizabeth Caley

A look at 12 incredible Torontonians who conquered 2018 by making a difference through their work and inspiring people all across our city and country

The Tech Pro

Using technology for good and mentoring women in STEM areas


Technology for good, for all. That’s the heart of Elizabeth Caley, quintessential science and technology geek. She builds big technology products, used by millions of people, often infused with cutting-edge artificial intelligence. But her work has always been grounded in helping people solve real problems, particularly scientists.

She co-leads Meta, part of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, a free, real-time discovery tool that helps scientists read and analyze millions of technical papers. It has the potential of reshaping the pace of scientific discovery across the world. Elizabeth is just like Meta — always voraciously consuming information, the latest scientific papers, technical blogs, books and more.

That appetite is only matched by her quiet ambition to mentor women in STEM areas. I was fairly new to tech when I first met Elizabeth at Microsoft. We were different in many ways, but she always celebrated our differences while harnessing and deepening our common ground. That’s her superpower — making everyone feel uniquely recognized, heard and understood and brilliantly building consensus.

That time with Elizabeth ignited my passion for technology and was at the core in solidifying my passion for the technology industry. She continues to use almost every free moment to inspire and lead women like me, as well as budding entrepreneurs. Elizabeth, in addition to her remarkable intellectual depth and talent, is best known for her steadfast commitment to helping others reach their full potential.

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