T.O.’s Most Inspirational Women: Amanda Parris

A look at 12 incredible Torontonians who conquered 2018 by making a difference through their work and inspiring people all across our city and country

The TV Host

An artist who is bringing a fresh perspective to arts coverage


Amanda has always been the kind of person who was bound for success, it was just a matter of all of the puzzle pieces falling into place.

I still remember her being cast in the workshopping of my play.

She was in the midst of a major transition in her life career-wise, and with some major decisions about what to pursue and what to let go of, she was understandably worried for the future.

It was clear to me, even in that state of uncertainty, that Amanda’s universe was going to change and change drastically. It was clear to me that she was destined for greatness.

Suddenly it happened: A media community starved for a fresh perspective?

A television arts review show that needed someone with both an understanding of all mediums of expression and star quality? CBC Arts: Exhibitionists.

A radio show that required expert knowledge of the under-told stories of the R & B/hip hop industries? CBC Music’s Marvin’s Room.

She fulfilled all of these needs and more. One by one the pieces not only fell into place — they were laid at her feet. And she deserves it all.

There is a grace with which she holds knowledge, a respect with which she amplifies the voices of the underrepresented and a sacredness with which she writes that inspires me every day.

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