Superstars of song make beautiful music together

Raine Maida and Chantal Kreviazuk find perfect harmony as man and wife

TWO OF CANADA’S most recognizable musical talents, Raine Maida (best known as frontman of Our Lady Peace)and singer- songwriter Chantal Kreviazuk,are a happily hitched couple who’s divine duet began in our own backyard.

How they met

We were introduced at a Pearl Jam concert in Toronto but truly “met” at the Rivoli after the show.

The first date

Interestingly enough,the first night we met felt like a first date. The concert was too loud to engage in any real conversation, so Chantal asked me to join her at the Rivoli afterwards — it sounded like a date to me!

The courtship

Our courtship happened mostly by telephone. We were both very busy promoting and recording records,so the first year of our relationship was late-night phone conversations. Looking back, we were able to develop a strong friendship this way. The importance of true friendship in a marriage is underrated. It’s made us what we are today as a couple.

The proposal

Rome, Italy, at the Octagonal Courtyard within the Vatican. Raine was actually hoping to get married while we were there, but as excited as I was, I talked him out of it. It was something we had to share with our families, and we’re glad we waited.

The wedding

We had a Christmas wedding on Dec.19 in Toronto. It was amazing: a beautiful old stately home at the Sunnybrook Estates, fireplaces burning, French quartet playing, very charming.

Do you have children?

We have three wonderful boys that demand most of our attention. Because of our unique lifestyle, we are able to be incredibly present in their lives, and the bond that we share with our children is incredible.

Their lives today

Our lives revolve around music more so now than ever. We’re busy writing for and producing other artists. We have written a few songs for other people that have become big hits, but careers aren’t really centered around having those types of hits. We define ourselves more by our live shows and body of work, so it is interesting to be a part of lightning when it strikes.

Where they live

We live everywhere. We tour a lot, individually as well as together, and have a home in Toronto as well as a home in Los Angeles.

Memorable moments

Our travels to Iraq in 2001, Darfur in 2005 and Ethiopia in 2007 with War Child, along with the work we’ve done with various other organizations, has been very rewarding. Busking for Change is in its fourth year now,and it was just a little idea that grew from me [Raine] spending a cold October day on the streets of Toronto trying to raise enough money to rebuild a school in the Congo. We raised 22 K that day, and we’ll have over 30 different musicians and artists performing on Sept. 21 this year.

Secret of success as a couple

We are brutally honest with each other. We’ve become much better at arguing, and seeing as we are both strong-minded individuals, this is an important skill to have. Honesty and trust are two substantial traits that a relationship cannot exist without. Protecting them is a good start.

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