St. Lawrence Market

A beloved Toronto antique market is getting a revival with a vintage twist

Get ready, Toronto — there’s a new Sunday in town! The city’s market scene is about to explode with excitement as Sunday Variety, the brainchild of the legendary vintage connoisseur Kealan Sullivan — one of the co-founders of the ultra-popular Hippie Market — makes its grand entrance. 

This one-of-a-kind extravaganza is setting the stage to seamlessly blend vintage treasures, local artisans, crafts, pastries and so much more. 

The tent behind the St. Lawrence Market was home to the Sunday Antique Market for 31 years, before it closed down and eventually reopened in Mississauga. But since then, Toronto has been lacking a downtown antique market in that historic space — until now.

Starting on Sunday, June 18, Torontonians can visit the sprawling white tent — that Sullivan has wittily named the “Marquee” — just south of the St. Lawrence Market. It’s there that vintage enthusiasts, local businesses and Torontonians with a creative flair can come together to showcase and sell their products.  

“This is what I do and it means a lot to me that I can work with so many small businesses, giving people the opportunity to try something and not do it alone,” she says. 

From vintage finds to handmade crafts, tantalizing pastries to eye-catching art, Sunday Variety touts a plethora of goods, making it the perfect melting pot of creativity and style. 

Courtesy @sundayvarietymarket/Instagram

Currently, its opening weekend is set to have a selection of ceramics, plants, art and treats, with applications open to more. Sullivan adds that you don’t need to be selling vintage to do so.

“We wanted to create an environment where people feel like they can come with their families, or even on their own, eat some food, try on clothes and have fun,” she says.

This new initiative will hopefully add another reason to venture out into Old Toronto, where families and neighbours can enjoy what the east end of the city has to offer. 

“I think the population is growing in the east end, because there’s a lot of development, and people need something to do in their neighbourhood,” says Sullivan. 

“Being that Sunday Variety will be in Old Toronto, this neighbourhood just has so much history in terms of being a place for merchants. It felt really kindred to be able to give micro-retail a chance to thrive, in what I think is Toronto’s heart,” she says. “So being able to bring this new life to that neighbourhood means a lot to me.”  

While Sullivan is definitely known for the Hippie Market, she is excited to see how the Sunday Variety will also be able to stand on its own.

“I think that [Hippie Market and Sunday Variety] are going be two very strong brands that complement each other: they’re sisters and there’s definitely going be crossover in terms of what we sell at each —but I’m excited to see how that evolves.”

And like its name suggests, you can start seeing Sunday Variety at the St. Lawrence Market on Sundays. For more information and dates, visit

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