This local designer’s jewelry was worn by the Kardashians and Olivia Rodrigo

If you’ve ever seen a Steff Eleoff design, you probably haven’t forgotten it. Her fluid pieces are not only unlike anything on the market right now, they’ve also adorned the bodies of some of the world’s most popular celebrities, from Kardashians to Olivia Rodrigo and Giveon. 

With drippy, futuristic designs seen on glamorous stars or on the covers of magazines and a Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards nomination under her belt, you would think that Eleoff has been in the jewelry business for a decade. But Eleoff only tried her hand at metalwork for the first time in 2020. It was her artistic background and unique vision for her jewelry line that helped her become one of the top jewelry designers for certified cool girls and fashion icons — and her new collection is no exception. 


Featuring spidery necklaces, gorgeous, molten ear cuffs and sprawling silver rings, the self-taught jewelry artist has done it again.

Her journey as a creative began where many artists’ journeys have — in art class in elementary and high school.

“I don’t think I liked any other subject,” says Eleoff on a Zoom call from her studio. “To be honest, I hated school. I was bad at every subject except for art. I was best friends with all of my art teachers, and it was just my vibe.”

Once she realized how strongly she was connected to her craft, Eleoff started a degree at Western University — but she found that the business-savvy atmosphere wasn’t a great fit for her creative pursuits

With what she describes as “a gloomy cloud above her head,”  Eleoff set her sights on classically taught art instead.

In New York, Eleoff attended the School of Visual Arts in Chelsea, an intimate setting that allowed her to explore a mix of mediums. 

But her short time there came to a screeching halt when the pandemic hit, forcing her back to her parents’ house here in Toronto. Eleoff tried out online classes — but found herself learning a lot more from a Toronto studio.  

“My mom had mentioned that there was a studio space I could join and do my painting. I didn’t use any of the spaces at first,” Eleoff says. “I was sitting across from the metal studio and would watch people walk in and out, then get really curious.”

Eleoff procrastinated on her schoolwork by spending time in the metal studio.  

“It didn’t feel like this male-dominated room,” she says. “It was these sweet women who were really welcoming and taught me a lot of what I know now.”

Eleoff began her journey in metalworking with the help of her newfound friends, and after spending months practicing, Eleoff sold her first piece of jewelry at a bar in Toronto. She used to wear the jewelry she made around the city, and sold a ring off her finger for a crisp $20 bill.

This was the catalyst for the brand, which quickly took off on social media — and caught the eye of a few big names, landing her pieces on major magazine spreads.

Eleoff’s first big splash was with Kylie Jenner, whose stylist she ghosted for months thinking it was a scam.

“I thought they just wanted free stuff and were name-dropping her,” Eleoff says in regard to a direct message she received from a private account. “Maybe a month later, my PR agent told me that she had reached out to Kylie and they had responded in minutes saying they had been trying to get a hold of me.”

Kylie Jenner in custom lip drips + goop earring for Kyle Cosmetics,
styled by @makkaroo @rosegrandquist. Courtesy @steffeleoff/Instagram

Kylie has been a big supporter of Eleoff, showing her love by wearing multiple pieces on Instagram and on TikTok. Kourtney Kardashian was seen on the cover of Bustle magazine decked out in Steff Eleoff products and Khloe was even spotted wearing her jewelry on a few episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians

People who spotted Eleoff jewelry on celebrities flocked to her website, where she was inundated with orders — everything from the Steff Eleoff brand is made to order, making each and every piece unique to the recipient.

That personal agenda is a common theme for Eleoff — along with her latest collection, she also dropped a “Say My Name” series of alphabet necklaces and charms, done up in her trademark fluid style. 

“I think having something personal to you is something that I always loved. Especially the idea that they can customize it however they want,” Eleoff says. “There are two sides to it. We have small rings that are great for everyday wear. Then we have statement rings and necklaces, which I also think are for everyday wear, but are very much unique. I wanted something that was a smaller everyday piece in a good price range.

Most of her pieces range from $200-$300, though a statement necklace bejewelled with pink topaz from a previous collection sold for $800 and her alphabet charms are a more affordable $125.

With customers constantly tagging Steff Eleoff in their photos on Instagram, Eleoff has built up quite the fanbase — and with her new collection, that won’t be stopping any time soon. 

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