Sober curious? Toronto just got its first booze-free shop with 200+ bottles

Beatrice Society and Sobr Market are shaking up the Toronto social scene with the city’s first-ever alcohol-free bottle shop.

Nestled inside Beatrice Society’s chic café on Richmond St W., this unique collaboration offers over 200 alcohol-free options, including brews, wines, spirits and ready-to-sip cocktails from innovative global brands. It’s not just a store; it’s a healthy lifestyle experience right in the heart of downtown.

“When we launched The Sobr Market bottle shop in Winnipeg, we had many online clients ask us to open a storefront in their community, Toronto being one of the most asked for,” says Jessie Halliburton, co-founder of The Sobr Market. “The partnership with Beatrice Society has allowed this to become a reality very quickly and we are excited to be able to offer Toronto a space to experience the non-alcoholic world and find products that best match their needs.”

From Guinness 0.0 to exclusive non-alcoholic wines from Joyus and Studio Null, Sobr Market brings the world’s best to Toronto. Even better, these alcohol-free options are seamlessly woven into Beatrice Society’s café menu, so people are able to try before they buy.


“The Sobr Market brings in the best alcohol-free products from around the world, and partnering with them to bring that selection to downtown Toronto is an exciting next step for Beatrice Society,” says John Baker, CEO of Boxcar Group, which owns Beatrice Society.

Even celebrities are entering the alcohol-free market, with Katy Perry introducing De Soi, a line of French-apéritif-inspired non-alcoholic drinks. Shortly after, model Bella Hadid founded Kin Euphorics, offering alternative spirits designed to reduce stress and promote balance in the body and mind.

Beatrice Society, known for its ‘alcohol-optional’ approach, is making waves in encouraging healthier choices.

“Alcohol can be hard to give up because it’s tied to so many things we enjoy  — birthdays, a nice dinner, catching up with friends over cocktails or a glass of wine,” says Taycia Chaplin, CEO of Beatrice Society. “We’re excited to play a part in introducing people to new options that make all those moments less alcohol-dependent.”

Beatrice Society is located at 511 Richmond St. W.

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