Smarter. Faster. Tougher. is the Design Exchange's Panamania take on active fashion

While some have declared a particular raccoon more popular than the Pan Am Games, and HOV lanes have resulted in endless huffing, Torontonians should not shy away from embracing this summer’s mammoth sports event. Commissioned by Panamania, the Design Exchange’s latest exhibit — Smarter. Faster. Tougher. — focuses on another element of the games: fashion.

The exhibit has been curated by Marie O’Mahony, a professor of Digital Futures at OCAD, and is divvied up into four sections: ethnography, nature, fashion, and performance. Keep your eyes peeled for looks from the likes of Speedo, local label Canada Goose, Umbro (remember Grade 8?), Stella McCartney x Adidas and many more. Standout pieces include the likes of a nifty 3D-printed bikini and wetsuits that will resist sharks and shirts that come complete with heart rate monitoring systems. How cool is that? 

Pan Am Games aside, this exhibit has arrived at a time when athletic gear and techno fabrics have never been embraced so enthusiastically by the fashion world (erm, health goth anyone?). Those keen on learning more about the intersection between sports and fashion and science should take in this exhibit — as well as a game or two (we hear there are a few tickets left). 

Smarter. Faster. Tougher. is located at 39 Parliament Street, The Distillery District, general admission $16

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