Mooby's Kevin Smith

Silent Bob is opening a Mooby’s pop-up food shop in Toronto

Kevin Smith, famed for creating the infamous characters Jay and Silent Bob, which began with the film Clerks then Mall Rats and on over a slew of popular, cult-classic movies, is bringing his fast-food Mooby’s Pop Up experience to Toronto next month.

Mooby’s was first introduced by Smith in the movie Dogma.

On June 29 Mooby’s Pop Up will start taking pre-orders for food and collectibles on the website for a July 14 opening at Adelaide Hall (250 Adelaide St. W.) following a successful run last winter as delivery and take-out only due to the lockdown.


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“This time around, golden calf fans will immerse themselves in the View Askewniverse when Mooby’s fast food, Secret Stash Merch Shop, and street-side patio will replicate the restaurant fans have seen in Dogma, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back and Clerks II,” according to a press release.

So, here is how it works. Fans and fast food aficionados will pre-order and make a reservation to pick up their items and food within the shop via Tock. The experience will feature items exclusive to Toronto such as the Mooby’s Hot Meat Injection (kielbasa on a bun) and Mooby’s Ontario Ale created by Mill Street Brewery as well as classic creations like Moo Mains and Salt Lick Sides. There are also vegan options available like Vegan Beyond Cow Tipper and Hot Green Injection.

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