The best places to shop the ’70s trend in Toronto this summer

And the vintage shopping trend continues! With decades upon decades to choose from, consumers have ample selection when it comes to garments. The ’70s were full of fashion trends. Some are better than others. However, corduroys, bell-bottoms and circular sunglasses are alive and well. So here are five of the best vintage shops in Toronto to fulfill your ’70s vintage needs.

Black Market 

Heralded as one of the best and most affordable vintage shops in Toronto, Black Market is a jack of all trades. The store offers an endless amount of unique and rare finds, sprinkling in some designer discoveries here and there. To enter the store, you embark on a journey up into the clouds. Or at least that’s how long the walk feels. However, when you get up there you’re treated to a well-organized array of clothing. Amidst the Yohji Yamamoto and Roberto Cavalli are enough bellbottoms and corduroy to drain your bank account. Currently at the shop is a pair of deep purple, Japanese bellbottoms with a Grade A condition from the buyers. Do they remind you of Prince, or Daphne from Scooby-Doo? That’s for you to decide.

Chosen Vintage

Chosen Vintage was founded in 2009, opening the shop with the sole purpose of offering clients gently loved, relevant and affordable pieces with sustainability in mind. When it comes to the ’70s, the store offers jackets, pants, shirts and accessories in a classic medium that can never go out of style … leather. In the shop right now are three leather pieces, all of which vary in weight, thickness and colour. The trio are from all around the world, with the full-size grey trench reigning from Korea and the lighter, men’s cut shirt leaving its home in Quebec.

Mama Loves You Vintage

Another Queen Street staple, Mama Loves You Vintage is a mother and daughter-run store that has been killing it since 2012. The store carries an interesting mix of pieces that were created in the 1900s to the late 1990s, and it’s the place to be for authentic ’70s vintage in Toronto. Ranging from graphic tees and denim to bags and glasses, their racks prove that mama really does love you. However, the specialty pieces come in the form of women’s dresses and skirts for any occasion. Right now, the shop has a special section of spring-ready dresses and skirts. A favourite is their rare, 1970s YSL rive gauche floral dress in red. It’s a stunning dress that will put you right back into the ’70s!

Dancing Days

Sporting good vibes since 1989, this vintage shop is another family business that deals specifically with boho and hippie gear. Dancing Days offers more than just clothing items. They offer a shopping experience. With singing bowls chanting their best tune and incense holders ready for a new home, their storefront allows shoppers to put themselves in the era these clothes were made. The shop is chock-full of flowy, breezy clothing that can be paired with their array of accessories. Dancing Days offers many graphics tees with your favourite ’70s sitcom or band. Fancy some jazz?

Fashionably Yours

Definitely the most upscale on this list, Fashionably Yours offers vintage designer which has been consigned from Toronto locals. The shop carries everything from luxury handbags to designer clothing garments. Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga are scattered around the store. And truly, you won’t believe how many A-list brands are found in this brick and mortar. However, their most unique offerings come in the form of sunglasses. Miu Miu and Chanel dominate the ’70s-style, round lenses which are all the rage right now. The Chanel pair is decorated with pearls around the exterior of the frame and are a metallic pink colour.