This burger joint has the most unique flavour combinations you’ll find in Toronto

TRNTO X Sexy Burger

Sexy Burger is one of Toronto’s latest burger joints offering old-school smash burgers in unique flavour combinations that are sure to impress. Deliciously prepared on a flat top grill, and pressed with a cured cast-iron weight, this creates the ideal flat shape and a delightful sear for a juicy and indulgent burger.

They come in a range of exciting flavours, like the Big Sexy — a double smash patty, sexy sauce, shredded lettuce, American cheese, sliced pickles & onions on a potato bun; or the Dirty Burger — a double smash patty, cheddar, truffle aioli, iceberg, onion rings on a potato bun.

But they don’t stop there. Collaborations with well known local artists and entertainers are a regular occurrence, including the new DJ DXB Halloumi Burger, made in collaboration with DJ Ahmed Grim (DJ DXB). The burger was available for a limited time only and came with a slice of halloumi cheese, breaded in tempura and crispy honey panko, and topped with a cucumber, tomato, lettuce, and a spicy mango chutney sauce.

If halloumi and beef aren’t your thing, Sexy Burger has several other options. Some of the more interesting combinations include a buttermilk fried chicken burger with peanut butter aioli (the ‘Dirty Birdie’) and a portobello mushroom burger with onion rings and smoked cheese (the ‘Our Dirty Little Secret’ Burger).

Are you feeling frivolous yet? Sexy Burger also serves up sweet potato fries, regular fries, onion rings, and fries with truffle oil and parmesan (‘Sexed Up Fries’). Restaurants may not be happening right now, but Sexy Burger sells a selection of wine and carries the  Flying Monkeys ‘Juicy Ass’ IPA brand, so you can grab a drink with your burger and enjoy the warm weather outdoors — almost as good as patio dining.

Sexy Burger launched in January and offers all of the tempting treats via Uber Eats from Monday to Sunday. Right now, when you spend over $15, you’ll get a free order of onion rings with your order until May 28th.

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