Honouring service men and women at Pickle Barrel in North York

Pickle Barrel honours the Canadian Armed Forces today and throughout the year with a slew of incentives for those who serve. On Nov. 11, veterans and active members of the Canadian military will receive a free two course meal. The company said in a statement:

A thank you will never be enough, but this is the least we can do.”

Part of the Pickle Barrel’s veteran meals include fettuccine pomodoro, fish and chips, and spaghetti and meatballs. Pickle Barrel was founded in 1971, as an 85-seat deli on Toronto’s Leslie Street. Today, the company has 1,000 employees and more than 300 items on their menu. The company recognizes the service of Canada’s brave men and women. It is the company’s belief that members of our military have at least earned a good meal.

“Please bring your friends and family this Remembrance Day to help us honour those who have served our country.” 

TRNTO salutes the Pickle Barrel ideals.

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