Raptors player Serge Ibaka

Serge Ibaka’s talent show broke the internet with more on the way

Toronto Raptors star Serge Ibaka has been entertaining fans on social media amidst the NBA coronavirus shutdown, and now the star is hosting a live talent show on Instagram called “How Talented Are You?”

Not only are fans able to display their talent to the world, but proceeds from the show will be donated to COVID-19 relief efforts.

Ibaka made the announcement in a tweet on Monday.

“Can you sing? Are you a beatmaker? Do you do art? Are you a baller? What kind of talent do you have? So excited to present “How talented are you?”, a live talent show on IG Live.”



“While we are all social distancing and in quarantine, I’d like to bring positivity and reward talent and creativity. Starting with an open casting on April 8th on my IG,” the NBA star tweeted, noting that the competition is for those 18 and up.

“In the end, the @IbakaFoundation will donate $20,000 to help combat COVID-19 in the ultimate winner’s city or region,” Ibaka added, stating that the winner will also receive a signed #9 Ibaka jersey.



Those who were interested were asked to DM Ibaka a video showing their special talent. If selected to participate in the first casting, live auditions were held on Ibaka’s Instagram on Wednesday.

The show was filled with surprises, including a phone call with former Raptor Kawhi Leonard and an appearance from DeMar DeRozan — who vowed to match Ibaka’s $20,000 donation.



The show was so popular that the account crashed — but Ibaka promised that the next live auditions will take place this Friday, April 10 and Sunday, April 12 at 5 p.m.



Fans are showing nothing but love on social media, letting Ibaka know how important his presence is during quarantine.

“Serge is singlehandedly keeping us Raptors fans glued together during this pandemic,” one fan tweeted. “I cannot wait to see Serge host this…. if it’s anything like the SLAM interview or his #AvecClasse episode with OG…. it’s gonna be hilarious and awesome!!”

“Not just Raptors fans-I’m a Lakers/Warriors fanatic, but Serge is probably my favorite current NBA player,” another tweeted.

While others simply pondered over what constitutes talent:



In addition to the talent show, Serge Ibaka’s Foundation partners with community groups in the Congo (his home country) and Toronto to make an impact on the communities and on the children who are most at risk.

“Growing up in Congo, the odds of Serge Ibaka becoming an NBA player were low. But determination and perseverance helped him achieve his goals. His life story is proof that, indeed, anything is possible,” the foundation’s mission states.

To check out Ibaka’s virtual talent show, follow @ouenzeentertainment on Instagram. Click here for more on the Ibaka Foundation.

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