willowwood school

WillowWood School

55 Scarsdale Rd,
Toronto, ON M3B 2R3


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Founded in 1980, WillowWood has a long tradition of delivering targeted, personal education that considers each student’s needs, inclinations, and strengths. Our team-based approach to learning is quite simply, just good teaching. We get to know every child; their goals and challenges; their interests and dreams, and then work together to create a program that taps into their potential and helps them succeed. We are a full facility featuring a fitness room, gymnasium, music room, art room, science lab and film and digital media arts studios. Our location on “School Street” (Scarsdale Road) gives us access to incredible amenities and services that allow us to incorporate swimming, dance, and robotics into our curriculum. Classes are small, the atmosphere is warm, and technology is at the forefront of our teaching methodology. Our goal in the lower school is to provide students with the skills needed to succeed at higher grade levels, while acceptance to a top-tier university is the end-goal for our high school students/graduates. Visit www.WillowWoodSchool.ca for more information and to set up your in-person or online interview and tour.


  • Age Range: Foundation Grades 5-18
  • Year Founded: 1980
  • Enrollment: 250
  • Student-Staff Ratio: 10:1
  • School Tuition Cost: $20,600–$26,350
  • Grades: Foundation K-2, 3-12
  • Admissions Contact: Joy Kurtz, 416-444-7644