The Dunblaine School

21 Deloraine Ave,
Toronto, ON M5M 2A8

School Types


The Dunblaine School is a not for profit school in midtown Toronto dedicated to providing supportive, individualized education for students with a variety of learning challenges. While following the Ministry of Education guidelines, the goal of the school is to foster a positive work ethic, increase confidence and to challenge all students to realize their greatest potential. The school addresses the academic, social and emotional needs of children with a variety of ability levels and learning styles with differentiated instruction and individualized support. Additional professional services include occupational therapy, speech language therapy and social work. If your child is struggling in large classrooms, requires individualized attention and/or special education resources and remedial support, contact us at 416-483-9215 or email cpryke@dunblaineschool.com for more information.

  • Year Founded: 1969
  • Enrollment: 34
  • Student-Staff Ratio: 5:1
  • School Tuition Cost: $26,000
  • Grades: 1-8