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Learning Tree Tutors is an award-winning service in Toronto offering 1-on-1 private Online and Home tutoring for all curriculum subjects (Grades K to 12) and many university courses. Learning Tree Tutors provides customized learning programs because we believe that every student is unique. We match each student with the best tutor according to their individual needs and goals. How do we help? We give academic assistance when a child needs to improve grades or is struggling with challenging subjects at school. We also help with homework and teach study skills. Even gifted students benefit from learning enrichment with tutors who motivate and challenge them. Learning Tree Tutors is managed by experienced professional educators, and all tutors are certified teachers or academic subject specialists. Contact us at 416-206-8567 or email info@learningtreetutors.com
Please visit our website at https//learningtreetutors.com/

  • Student-Staff Ratio: 1:1
  • Average Class Size: 1
  • School Tuition Cost: Hourly $40 to $60 / Packages Available
  • Grades: JK to 12, University Online and In-home