Glen Briar Academy

210 Wilson Ave,
Toronto, ON M5M 3B1

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Founded by experienced educators who believe that innovation is what fuels growth and development in education, and with individualized learning at the core of its pedagogy, Glen Briar Academy is a place for every student to flourish. Enriched academic programs from JK to Grade 8 are supported by small class sizes, student-centric curricula and evidence-based teaching, along with a strong spirit of scientific inquiry. In addition to academic programming, Glen Briar Academy students participate in cross-curricular activities that widen the scope and application of their learning through meaningful involvement in hands-on activities. School initiatives such as a school community garden provide a place to apply Science and Math concepts while learning about how to grow, prepare, and share healthy food items. Personalized programs are complemented by a deep commitment to socio-emotional and character development, making Glen Briar Academy a place for the whole child to thrive and grow.   

  • Year Founded: 2014
  • Enrollment: 45
  • Average Class Size: 6
  • School Tuition Cost: $13,250 - $16,750
  • Grades: JK - 8