Arrowsmith School

245 St Clair Ave W,
Toronto, ON M4V 1R3


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Arrowsmith School helps students with learning disabilities, through a customized and intensive program of cognitive exercises designed to address the individual’s unique needs. Established in 1978 by Barbara Arrowsmith Young, the Arrowsmith Program is founded on the principles of neuroplasticity, neuroscience research, and over 35 years of experience. The program is based on the philosophy that the learner’s cognitive capacity is not static, but can be modified through the application of the principles of neuroplasticity. Arrowsmith’s goal is to change the student’s ability to learn through strengthening cognitive capacity, rather than to compensate or work around the difficulties. The Arrowsmith School operates a full-day program, and also a wide variety of Part-Time, After-School, and At-Home Programs. Arrowsmith offers a detailed assessment process outlining a student’s individual learning profile. For more information visit or send an email to

  • Year Founded: 1980
  • Enrollment: 75
  • Student-Staff Ratio: 10:1
  • Average Class Size: 20
  • School Tuition Cost: $24,500
  • Grades: 1-12 + Self Contained Adult Program