Runaway kangaroo found and appears healthy despite a taste of winter weather

In the early hours of this morning, members of Durham Regional Police posted to social media that it had located a missing Kangaroo around 3 a.m. Quick communication with the Kangaroo’s handlers facilitated its safe apprehension by officers at approximately 6 a.m.

The marsupial, one of two that were in the process of being transferred to a zoo in Quebec, had escaped handlers from the Oshawa Zoo and Fun Farm on Thursday night.

A video was posted to social media of the kangaroo hoping down the side of a road early on the morning of Dec. 1.

The zoo is not a member of Canada’s Accredited Zoos and Aquariums.

“We were meant to be a hotel stop for this particular creature on its way to a zoo in Quebec,” said an Oshawa Zoo employee in a CBC report. “As the animal handlers last night were trying to unload the animal, it jumped over their heads and escaped.”

The Kangaroo, now in custody, will undergo a health check by zoo staff, though initial observations suggest it is uninjured.

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