Rosedale’s rock ’n’ roll king goes to Broadway

Rolling Stones promoter at helm of most expensive musical ever

The most expensive musical of all time — Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark — will open on Broadway next month. At the centre of its web is Rosedale’s own Michael Cohl.

Cohl is more commonly known as the man responsible for the marketing empire that surrounds the Rolling Stones. However, last month, Cohl stepped in as producer for the somewhat delay-plagued $65 million musical based on the tale of one Peter Parker. 

“He’s had a lot of success in the music industry as a rock promoter, but he’s a newcomer to Broadway,” said New York Times theatre critic Patrick Healy, regarding Cohl. According to an article by Healy, the deep-pocketed Cohl stepped up after former producer David Garfinkle was unable to raise the funds necessary for the production.

Healy said Cohl is just one reason anticipation for the musical is so high. He also cited the lush budget and the talent involved with the production, which includes U2 and Across the Universe director Julie Taymor. “There’s a huge amount of curiosity and fascination with what’s going to come with Spider-Man, what it will be like,” said Healy.

Opening night for the musical is Jan. 11.

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