Roman-style pizza is having its moment in Toronto

Diavola Pizza might be a newcomer to midtown, but it has already made itself at home in the neighbourhood and has big
plans for the future. Serving Roman-style pizza with all dough, sauce and toppings made in-house, the takeout joint is a “passion project” between two local entrepreneurs who have already found success in the neighbourhood on differing ventures.

Aldi Cibuku of Slayer Burger and Fabiana Del Bianco of Padaria’s Bakery have come together for the new adventure focused on the one food item that can unite us all.

“Pizza is my favourite food on the planet, and I think it’s a very versatile food,” says Del Bianco. “You can have it for lunch or for dinner; for a warm meal or just a snack — whatever you want.”

As to why they chose to serve the focaccia-style pizza characterized by square slices? Del Bianco suggests that Roman-
style pizza, more than any other, offers more opportunities for experimentation. Alongside classic pizzas, available by the slice or whole, such as pepperoni and margherita, Diavola offers unique options that complement Del Bianco’s Brazilian-Italian roots.  One standout is the chicken and cream cheese pizza, frequently featured on Diavola’s rotating specials list.

“Brazilians put cream cheese everywhere,” Del Bianco jokes. “It’s one thing we have to be doing, and we have a lot of Italians in Brazil, so pizza is one of Brazil’s favourite foods as well.”

Del Bianco’s namesake pizza features zucchini and goat cheese, while the Diavola pie, named after the Italian word for “devil,” is a spicy delight with nduja (a southern Italian spicy pork sausage), pepperoncini and chili flakes. In the short time since its opening, the Diavola has become one of the most sought-after menu items.

Can’t decide on just one? Diavola encourages slice experimentation. With the purchase of a party box, customers can choose between six or eight slices, mixing and matching as they please.

With its close proximity to Slayer Burger right next door, the two venues have teamed up to open a private bar space above Slayer called Stranger Bar. Accommodating groups of up to 50, the venue offers a comprehensive menu, featuring burgers, pizza and beer, ideal for events and parties.

Diavola will debut an updated summer menu coinciding with the opening of the patio space. The refreshed menu will feature expanded dessert options, including ice cream, along with offerings beyond pizza such as salads and sandwiches.

In the more distant future, Del Bianco hopes to collaborate with other businesses to bring their unique touches to Diavola’s special pizza offerings.

“In the midtown area, we have a very diverse neighbourhood, so we have a lot of Lebanese, Japanese, Chinese restaurants,” she says. “We’re wanting to do some collaborations with them, so the business can make a pizza that high- lights what they offer.”

Diavola is located at 3 Glebe Rd E.

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