Rock, paper, scissors: massive mayoral ballot confuses Toronto voters

With less than five weeks left in Toronto’s Mayoral election, it’s become clear that Torontonians will have a lot of options when they go the polls.

A whopping 102 candidates are vying for a shot at replacing John Tory —the highest number ever registered to run for mayor — garnering international attention from the likes of The Guardian who were quick to point out that along with a former police chief, a comedian and a dog are also in the running.

But before you rush off to memorize all of the candidate’s names, a photo of the incredibly long and confusing ballot is making its way across social media and its astonishing length has become a target of mockery.

One person on Twitter compared the ballot to the mile-long CVS receipts which has gone on to become a thing of legend in retail.

Another, posed the question: “Where would you be more likely to make a mistake by going too fast?” and compared it the 1980 MLB All-Star ballot.

Another tweet was quick to point out how confusing it was having candidates with similar names.

With the number of candidates in the running, some are calling for a ranked ballot system.

Toronto is set to head to the polls on June 26 with advance voting set to take place from Thursday, June 8 to Tuesday, June 13.

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