xo gelato- flavours

XO Gelato

647 Mt Pleasant Rd,
Toronto, ON M4S 2N2
About the Restaurant

XO Gelato wants you to give your mother a big kiss. Situated in the heart of the Davisville village, this dessert destination is a family-run community staple that hand makes its own gelato and sorbets. XO also offers up crepes and panini as the main meal that is often known to precede the dessert. To really cover all the bases, Hollywood has espresso drinks on the menu, and its own freshly made waffle cones are the vessels in which your gelato can be served. The gelato flavours range from the fruity pineapple, passion fruit or coconut to the classic strawberry, cookies 'n' cream and coffee, but don't miss the inventive flavours like popcorn or mojito.