The Rolling Pin

1970 Avenue Rd,
North York, ON M5M 4A1
About the Restaurant

North York's favourite neighbourhood doughnut shop, the Rolling Pin, has perfected the art of holed desserts, from your classic yeasty confectionary to extremely Instagrammable innovations like their Nutella-Reeses Cocoa Puff and Fluffernutter doughnuts, and whatever else their talented pastry chefs are making that day. With a rotating selection of blinged-out doughnuts, you’re always in for a sweet surprise. The Rolling Pin is known best for their unique syringe-like vials that infuses their rich pastry with a hit of flavour from the inside out, including maple syrup, espresso, dark chocolate and house-made caramel. And while donuts are their claim to fame, it wouldn’t be a complete bakery without cupcakes, pies and birthday cakes too!