The ONE Fusion Cuisine

About the Restaurant

Located in Richmond Hill, The One Fusion Cuisine teaches us that joy can be found in a little brown box adorned with a dragon. This dim sum giant is offering customers traditional dishes with a modern flair. The establishment appears wedding-ready at all times, with tables decorated in intricate linens and lotus-shaped napkins. Chefs harmoniously blend Eastern and Western cultures to produce an extensive menu of staple dim sum dishes. Amid cult classics like Har Gow and Siu Mai are curry-glazed baby octopus, chicken feet with lily dried scallion sauce and Musang King durian fruit tart. Customers tend to gawk over the black steamed molten yolk bun which, when cracked open, results in a gooey custard seeping out. The One Fusion Cuisine offers customers take-out and dine-in options, including two specific dragon-themed boat sets for take-out.