The Haifa Room

About the Restaurant

Opened in 2021, the Haifa Room is a cosy Middle Eastern restaurant that’s located on a bustling stretch of Ossington Avenue. With its exposed brick walls and several bar stools drawn up at a deli-style counter, the atmosphere is laid back enough to stop by for a quick bite, but inviting enough to stick around for a late-night dinner. On the menu, expect to find classic dips and spreads like Mona’s Labneh, which uses ingredients like preserved lemon and sumac, as well as Hemi’s Hummus, which puts a spin on the classic chickpea spread by incorporating heirloom carrots, seeded dukka, and fresh dill. Of course, all of the dips are accompanied by a warm, fresh pita. All of the plates at the Haifa Room are served with hummus, Israeli salad, pita, and fries, and options include falafel and kebab. There are plenty of other light bites and shareables on the menu, too, including a colourful tabbouleh made with Israeli couscous and parsley, beef and lamb kofta served with harissa tahini, and irresistibly cheesy halloumi sticks. A selection of wines, beers, and cocktails are also available.

By Christine Hogg