The Dog & Tiger

537 College St,
Toronto, ON M6G 1A9
About the Restaurant

Owner and musician Luke Nicholson and chef Tom Salvo combine farm-to-table cooking with creative mixology at The Dog and Tiger. Customers are treated to an extensive cocktail menu and carnivorous fuel galore under high ceilings and a roughly 90 occupant capacity between bar stools and tables. What once was Mullins is now an elevated pub for both drinking veterans who are simply looking for a beer to mixology nerds who love to obsess over details. Two crowd favourites are the New York Sour, which has Malbec-infused ice cubes, and Game, Set, and Matcha for tea lovers. The eats aren’t too shabby either, with most reaching for their D&T burger once they finish mowing down beef tartare. As well, the pub is open for brunch, where they specialize in classic brunch options with a twist. Try out the lamb bacon found on the Brekky Lambwich or Sway’s Cakes topped with a creme fraiche.