1252 The Queensway,
Etobicoke, ON M8Z 1S2

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Rich brown butter and sugar coddled in a flaky crust and all wrapped up with raisins or maybe some pecans sounds like the Canadian Dream, but at Tartistry it’s reality. The butter tart beacon in Etobicoke is making all kinds of flavoured tarts at this little café off Kipling. Owner and baker extraordinaire, Michele Roberts cooked up the idea to create a butter tart shop when she decided that her antique shop needed a little extra oomph. Roberts and her husband started experimenting with butter tart recipes and pawning them off to friends and family before they decided the familial rave reviews would suffice and they would go ahead and open their own bakery. Tartistry uses a barrel churned butter and bake the classics like Chelsea buns, brownies and scones, along with their famed tarts. With gluten-free options and new flavour ideas cooked up all the time, Tartistry has something to satisfy everyone.